HOW TO TEACH TENNIS TO BEGINNER PLAYERS - A Complete Course for Tennis Coaches

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Teaching Tennis Is Easy. You Now Have the Skills to Help Develop Future Tennis Stars.

A first-time tennis player has many "firsts" that they experience.

They are first introduced to the game of tennis, first learn how to hit a ball with a racket, first learn how to rally and serve, and finally, they can play their first tennis game with family and friends.

This program will provide you with a comprehensive guide for teaching beginner tennis players for the first time.

Best for:
- tennis coaches looking for a step-by-step method on how to teach tennis;
- experienced coaches who want to brush up with new ideas;
- parents who want to share their love of tennis with their children.

Tennis is NOT an easy game to start.

It's completely different from any game or sport we play as kids.

Most people begin by stepping on the court with ZERO experience of holding a racket.

And they get frustrated extremely easily.

Simply being able to HIT the ball is a struggle…

Let alone keeping it within the boundaries of the court.

This is when many starters try to quit and go:

“Tennis is not for me.”

“It’s too hard.”

“I should’ve started earlier.”

Don’t let them off the court quite yet.

Because this is where YOU step in, coach.

Time to show these beginners how tennis can be EXCITING and FUN.

And it’s not as difficult as they believe.

I’ve been a coach for over two decades now.

Hundreds of students have started their tennis journey under my tuition.

I’ve shown the ropes to countless people who had no clue about the game whatsoever.

And I know just the tricks to make beginners STICK to learning the sport.

My tennis course will show you:

🎾 How to properly introduce the game of tennis so your students won’t feel frustrated with the learning process.

🎾 How to build a GREAT relationship between you and your players so they KNOW you’re a coach they can trust.

🎾 Fun exercises to warm up tennis players so they will be ready to go when it’s time for striking.

🎾 Proper foot placement and movement on the court so your players are GUARANTEED to be in the right place at the right time.

🎾 Methods for INSTANTLY sharpening your players’ coordination - they’ll be hitting fore- and backhands in NO TIME.

🎾 Techniques to have beginners hitting consistent volleys in just a FEW lessons.

🎾 Tips for teaching the serve so your players can get the TRUE feel for the game early on.

🎾 How to make beginners deeply understand shot placement… so they’ll be winning more points IMMEDIATELY.

Learn Exactly How to Teach a Beginner Player from the First Time They Pick Up a Tennis Racket until Playing a Full Tennis Match

In this course - How to Teach Tennis to Beginner Players - I will share with you everything I have learned in my 20+ years of teaching tennis full time in Southern California and, most recently, Europe.

I've taught every level of players - from beginning to aspiring pros, from 4-year-olds to 84-year-young.

Now you can learn from my experience and apply these skills to develop your tennis teaching career, or simply teach your own children a sport they will enjoy for the rest of their life.

Sample Videos

"Cosmin's How to Teach Tennis program is extremely helpful to me. I teach tennis mainly to young children and beginning adults. I have found his videos to be a good resource to help me teach technique and feel confident that I am presenting good information to my clients.
I have followed him and used his drills and games with my students for the past ten years.
His programs help me keep my lessons fresh and enable me to have a variety of fun games and drills for my students.
I would recommend his programs to anyone wanting to be a better player or who teaches tennis.”

- Deborah Roberts (Director of Youth Tennis, Indiana - USA)

Here is a summary of what you will get:

  • Full Tennis Lessons (videos), packed with quality tips, drills, and on-court demonstrations on how to teach tennis.
  • Tennis Tips for Teaching Beginners (videos) to improve your students' technique and footwork.
  • Tennis Drills for Teaching Beginners (videos) - some are fun exercises to develop hand-eye coordination, others are great for strokes consistency and placement.
  • Bonus: How to Feed Using a Continental Grip (videos) - an important skill to learn so you can send the ball to your student more accurately, and apply different kinds of spin.
  • Bonus: 3 Tennis Ebooks - which you can download on your mobile or desktop device:
    - 101 Tips for Your Best Tennis (pdf)
    - 10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginners (pdf)
    - 15 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Tennis (pdf)
  • Bonus: You will gain access to my email to ask me any tennis teaching questions you might have. It is like having your personal tennis coach on call, every day. :)
  • NEW Bonus* Receive 1-month free access to Cosmin Teaches Tennis, an exclusive membership program featuring my best-ever collection of tennis coaching lessons, drills, and tips!

See you inside,

Cosmin Miholca
Certified Tennis Coach

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Thank you,

Cosmin Miholca
Tennis Coach / Creator

Last updated Dec 14, 2023

Video lesssons showing how to teach tennis to beginner players from the first time they pick up a tennis racket until they can play an actual tennis match. Plus lots of tips and drills for teaching beginners.

Full Tennis Lessons - showing how to teach tennis to beginning players (videos)
Tennis Tips for Teaching Beginners (videos)
Tennis Drills for Teaching Beginners (videos)
Bonus: How to Feed with Continental Grip (videos)
Bonus: 101 Tips for Your Best Tennis (pdf)
Bonus: 10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginners (pdf)
Bonus: 15 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Tennis (pdf)
Bonus: Email Access to the Coach (for any tennis teaching questions you might have)
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HOW TO TEACH TENNIS TO BEGINNER PLAYERS - A Complete Course for Tennis Coaches

0 ratings