MY DADDY / MY COACH - How to Teach Your Children to Play Tennis

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Share the joy of tennis with your children while teaching them valuable lifelong skills.

My Daddy / My Coach shows parents (and coaches) how to raise tennis stars, from the first swings to tournament play.

Spend quality time while teaching your child a fun and rewarding sport that will benefit them for life.

Perfect for passionate tennis parents who want to invest in their child's future.

Kids have something that is absolutely priceless…


They can become ANYTHING they want.

The WHOLE WORLD is wide open in front of them.

With my own kids - I’ve got two - I showed them tennis, early on.

It's what I grew up with myself and it’s what I love dearly to this very day.

I first gave my daughters rackets when they were 5 and 6 respectively.

I marveled as they lined up their first forehands…

Hit their first volleys…

Soon enough, they were learning to serve…

And before I knew it, they were competing and playing in tournaments.

But here’s the most incredible part

I documented ALL OF IT.

I’ve got video material filmed throughout 7 years as I taught my OWN kids to go from not being able to even hit a tennis ball…

To winning matches in junior tournaments.

Each and every step of the way.

I invite you to join me on this incredible journey…

And watch your VERY OWN kids mature not only as tennis players…

But as PEOPLE - they'll be learning valuable lessons about life on the way.

In My Daddy / My Coach section, you will find, among many other things:

🎾 How to introduce tennis to your kids so they will be INSTANTLY hooked (be careful, getting the racket out of their hand may be challenging…)

🎾 Ways to make drills FUN and ENTERTAINING - your kids will NEVER get bored of chasing the ball!

🎾 Methods to help your kids HANDLE the bigger courts and rackets with EASE!

🎾 Techniques for enabling your kids to develop an innate FEEL for the game… almost as if they were pros already!

🎾 How to adapt the game to their GROWING bodies as they mature (kids grow FAST, you know!)

“Hi Cosmin, I took the time today to watch a couple of lessons about My Daddy / My Coach. Amazing, really enjoy it, and I see the children do a copy and paste visually what the coach do. I’m really learning. Thanks for making it!” - Javier Alonso

“Many thanks for creating the My Daddy My Coach series. Its been very helpful for my child. The breakdown of the swing so that kids can understand and follow is great. Just what I needed. Thanks!” - Ajay Gautam

“My Daddy / My Coach gives great insight into working with young players.” - Steven Gershman

Sample (Intro) Lessons:

Here is what you will get:

  • 47 Video Tennis Lessons (50-70 minutes long, each) showing exactly how I taught my two daughters to play tennis from the first time they picked up a racket until they became junior tournament players.
  • Tennis Tips for Teaching Kids (videos) - use them to improve your children's technique, footwork; find answers to what kinds of balls and court sizes are best for your kids, or simply fix any technical issues.
  • Tennis Drills that Kids Love (videos)
    Tennis should not be boring. As much as we would like to develop that perfect technique, children love their lessons if they have fun. That's why I recommend you insert at least two activities of drills and fun games that bring smiles to your children's faces.
  • Bonus section: How to Feed Using a Continental Grip (videos) - an important skill to learn so you can send the ball to your student(s) more accurately, and apply different kinds of spin.
  • Bonus: 3 Tennis Ebooks - which you can download on your mobile or desktop device:
    - 10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginning Players (pdf)
    - 15 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Tennis (pdf)
    - 101 Tips for Your Best Tennis (pdf)
  • Bonus: You will gain access to my email to ask me any tennis teaching questions you might have. It is like having your personal tennis coach on call, every day.
  • NEW Bonus* Receive 1-month free access to Cosmin Teaches Tennis, an exclusive membership program featuring my best-ever collection of tennis coaching lessons, drills, and tips!

See you inside,

Cosmin Miholca
Tennis Father / Certified Tennis Coach

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Thank you,

Cosmin Miholca
Tennis Coach / Creator

Last updated Dec 14, 2023

Unlock 47 tennis lessons and a video library of tips and drills, showing you exactly how to teach your children to play and love tennis.

Live Tennis Coaching Lessons with Kids (videos)
Tennis Tips for Teaching Kids (videos)
Tennis Drills for Teaching Kids (videos)
Bonus 1: How to Feed the Ball Like a Pro (videos)
Bonus 2: 10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginning Players (pdf)
Bonus 3: 15 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Tennis (pdf)
Bonus 4: 101 Tips for Your Best Tennis (pdf)
Bonus 5: Email Access to the Coach (for any tennis teaching questions you might have)
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MY DADDY / MY COACH - How to Teach Your Children to Play Tennis

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